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Bloodlines news you might have missed from November to January

It's been awhile! I never meant for this blog to be quiet for this long. Sorry about that. I'm going to try harder to keep this as active as possible from now on. (I guess that could be my New Year's resolution.) I feel like lots has happened since the last time I updated, so I will post everything major I can remember.

The title of Bloodlines book 4 is... The Fiery Heart! Richelle Mead revealed it on November 12. That was like best day ever. Because not only did she reveal the title, but she also revealed something amazing about the book. I can't even... Okay, just read what she said:
"This'll make a lot more sense when you read Indigo, which I'm starting to get super impatient for. Come on, February! Lots of big things happen in Indigo, and you romance fans are going to pass out. You know what also might make you pass out? This:

The Fiery Heart is going to be told from both Sydney and Adrian's points of view. That's right. If you've ever wanted to get inside the crazy world of Adrian Ivashkov's head, this is it. It'll still be in first person, but the POV will alternate chapters. I'm so excited about this, it's not even funny. Well, actually...since it's Adrian, it'll be hilarious. I think you guys'll love it..." (source)
Don't tell me you didn't want to pass out when you read that. Sydney's AND Adrian's POVs?! That's a dream come true! I cannot freaking wait! I think I want it more than The Indigo Spell! haha The Fiery Heart is most likely going to be released Fall 2013. Yep, that's right. We're going to get two Bloodlines/Sydrian books in one year! Best year ever!

In another post, I mentioned that Penguin Teen Australia would be releasing a filmed version of the blackout scene from The Golden Lily. They finally put it out there near the end of November! Watch it here:

Penguin Teen Australia has already filmed The Indigo Spell teaser trailers as well. As of now, five have been posted and they are definitely getting me more pumped for the book! I plan on making a seperate post dedicated to all those teasers later, so I won't say any more about them in this post.

On December 14, the amazing Richelle Mead posted a sneak peek of chapter 15 from The Indigo Spell! It's all about Adrian giving Sydney seduction tips. It's pretty hilarious! Read it all here:
Adrian looked over at me again. “Who knows more about male weakness: you or me?”

“Go on.” I refused to directly answer the question.

“Get a new dress. One that shows a lot of skin. Short. Strapless. Maybe a push-up bra too.” He actually had the audacity to do a quick assessment of my chest. “Eh, maybe not. But definitely some high heels.”

“Adrian,” I exclaimed. “You’ve seen how Alchemists dress. Do you think I can really wear something like that?”

He was unconcerned. “You’ll make it work. You’ll change clothes or something. But I’m telling you, if you want to get a guy to do something that might be difficult, then the best way is to distract him so that he can’t devote his full brainpower to the consequences.”

“You don’t have a lot of faith in your own gender.”

“Hey, I’m telling you the truth. I’ve been distracted by sexy dresses a lot.”

I didn’t really know if that was a valid argument, seeing as Adrian was distracted by a lot of things. Fondue. T-shirts. Kittens. “And so, what then? I show some skin, and the world is mine?”

“That’ll help.” Amazingly, I could tell he was dead serious. “And you’ve gotta act confident the whole time, like it’s already a done deal. Then make sure when you’re actually asking for what you want that you tell him you’d be ‘so, so grateful.’ But don’t elaborate. His imagination will do half the work for you. ”

I shook my head, glad we’d almost reached our destination. I didn’t know how much more I could listen to. “This is the most ridiculous advice I’ve ever heard. It’s also kind of sexist too, but I can’t decide who it offends more, men or women.”

“Look, Sage. I don’t know much about chemistry or computer hacking or photosynthery, but this is something I’ve got a lot of experience with.” I think he meant photosynthesis, but I didn’t correct him. “Use my knowledge. Don’t let it go to waste.”

Entertainment Weekly posted chapter 2 of The Indigo Spell on December 21! It was AMAZING. You want to know why? It's filled with Sydney and Adrian interaction! I thought I was excited before, but I've gone beyond excited now. *dies of happiness* Unfortunately, I cannot embed it in this post, but you can read it through EW's website or on Richelle Mead's blog.

Richelle Mead answered fans' questions about Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, and herself on November 26 at GoodReads (click here). Simply Infactuated has a nice compilation post of that Q&A HERE. Mead answered even more questions on January 17 via Twitter under the hashtag #readpenguin. Penguin Teen Australia did the honors of compiling the entire chat HERE. Lots of interesting tidbits and revelations! Apparently there will be another Twitter chat this upcoming Thursday, so stayed tuned for that.

Richelle Mead also started a Bloodlines Book Club in anticipation of Indigo Spell's release. Basically she writes commentary and any backstories about each chapter in Bloodlines. She'll be doing the same with The Golden Lily starting next week. She does a post everyday, and you can read all those posts by following the book club tag via her blog. Be sure to read them all because there's plenty of great stuff she mentions!

Who is Marcus Finch? That's the million dollar question. I wish I already knew! Today I found out that some book bloggers (not sure how many) have been chosen by Penguin Teen to host clues on their blogs from January 22 to February 9 all about the ex-Alchemist Marcus Finch. I have no clue what else will be going on throughout this special event, but it sounds like an interesting promotion for The Indigo Spell by the publisher. You can read an introduction post by two of the bloggers participating HERE and HERE. I'm really looking forward to following this event and finding out more about Marcus.

That's all the important Bloodlines news I can remember. (If I missed something, I'll update this post.) Like I said, I will try to make sure this blog stays active. After Team Bloodlines uploads the final Indigo Spell trailer (which will be revealed in less than 24 hours!), I will start working on the teaser trailer post. If you're looking for faster updates, please follow Alchemist Secret's Twitter page @AlchemistSecret! Even though I wasn't active with this blog for a few months, I continued to stay active on Twitter, retweeting Bloodlines news and Sydrian goodness. However you decide to follow Alchemist Secrets, I hope you continue to stick around!

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