Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Premiere of the filmed fan fave Golden Lily scene!

Squee! The result of the Bloodlines Facebook Challenge I've mentioned before is here, you guys! The Sydney/Adrian KISS scene from The Golden Lily that was chosen by the fans and filmed back on October 12 has finally been released! Watch it now:

*dies from Sydrian overload*

All thanks to Team Bloodlines at Penguin Teen Australia for working hard and making this happen for the fans! Can't forget the actors, Daisy Masterman and Nic Wheeler, who did an amazing job portraying the moment! And in case you didn't know, Team Bloodlines has already filmed ANOTHER Sydrian scene from The Golden Lily (hint: BLACKOUT), so expect another video before the end of the year! I cannot wait! Now, excuse me while I go watch the video again and again to get my much needed Sydrian fix.

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