Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indigo Spell Teaser Trailers & Behind the Scenes

This is what you can except too see in the trailers! Squee!
I've complied the Indigo Spell teaser trailers and behind the scenes videos created by Penguin Teen Australia and put them all together into this post! The teaser trailers are each around 40 seconds long (more or less), and they contain many awesome scenes that revolve around Sydney and Adrian. You might just die from happiness or shock watching these if you're a Sydrian fan! The behind the scenes videos feature the Sydney and Adrian actors, Daisy Masterman and Nic Wheeler, who answer questions submitted by the fans. Very fun videos!

Teaser Trailers
  1. A Love that Terrifies You
  2. A Love that Gives You Courage
  3. A Love That Excites You
  4. A Love That Knows You
  5. A Love That Changes You
  6. A Love That Endangers You

Behind the Scenes

Did you watch them all? Weren't they amazing? PTA, Daisy, and Nic did a wonderful job on these trailers. They are pretty addictive too. I know I've watched these videos a couple of times already especially the ones with Sydrian kissing. hehe I'm ready for The Fiery Heart teaser trailers now!

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