Monday, January 21, 2013

Early Indigo Spell Reviews

Early copies of The Indigo Spell are out there and some readers have already posted their reviews/thoughts! There's been a range of reactions. I will include most of the reviews I've found so far and not just the positive ones.

But the Tigers Come at Night - Pretty sure this was the first Indigo Spell review! It's short, but it gives enough insight without spoiling. Loved this line: "...the Sydrian stuff was FLAWLESS AND BEAUTIFUL and everytime they were together I got crazy feels like you wouldn’t believe."

Makeshift Bookmark - Non-spoilery! It contains much fangirling and excitement. This is what the reviewer said about the book: "a Sydrian fan's dream come true." Do you know how happy that makes me?!

In the land of books - Contains spoilers and teasers! You've been warned. I decided not to read the review because I didn't want to spoiled that much (although I might give in later). I did read the teasers, though, and almost had a heart attack!

Anna Reads - Another non-spoilery! The reviewer lists 5 things we should know about the book. You really need to read that list. It will make you even more excited!

These next reviews I just quoted a few lines:

"There were parts I loved and parts I didn't love... Overall, THE GOLDEN LILY is still my favorite in the series because I liked the plot line and main conflict better than the main conflict in THE INDIGO SPELL. But seriously guys, the parts that were good were GOOOOOOOD. Squeeeee!" (source)

"Deliciously romantic, full of the wit and adventure that Richelle Mead is known for. I found Sydney more and more likable in this book, as she finally realizes that the Alchemists are terrible and controlling and that she needs to embrace her magic." (source)

"...The Indigo Spell is my favorite of the series so far, although the different storylines needed a bit of juggling." (source)

"I ended up having a love hate relationship with this book, I learned a lot about what Sydney could do as a person but there was nothing really memorable about what happened until the end. I can't wait to see what happens with Sydney and the gang, I feel there is a lot more to come." (source)

"I have never had so many mixed emotions about finishing a book as I did with IS. I couldn't wait to read how it ended and yet I didn't want it to end. [...] I only wish I could give this book 10 stars instead of 5." (source)

"Anyone complaining that Sydney is “boring” or “weak” in comparison to Rose had better think again. [...] Richelle Mead has already revealed that this is her most romantic, hottest YA book yet and I agree 110%." (source)

What did you think after reading all these reviews? Ecstatic? Nervous? Some of these reviews put a huge smile on my face! But not going to lie, they all made me a bit envious because they got to read The Indigo Spell early. Thankfully it'll be out in less than a month. *sigh* Hurry!

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