Friday, January 25, 2013

Richelle Mead's January 24 Twitter Chat

Last week on January 17, Richelle Mead had a Twitter chat for 30 minutes via #readpenguin where she answered questions tweeted to her by fans. The focus was on world-building (although, you really could ask whatever you wanted). The entire chat can be found here.

Yesterday, she had another Twitter chat, and this time the theme was romance! I'm not going to compile all the tweets (you can read the transcript here), but I will post the ones relating to Bloodlines and Sydney/Adrian. Two of my questions were answered, so that was pretty exciting. I made sure to bold those. ;)

Oh and before I forget, Richelle Mead will be having yet another Twitter chat next week! On Thursday, January 31 at 8PM EST. It will have a general Bloodlines theme. Looking forward to that. Hopefully I can think of some good questions by then.

Now on to the tweets!

Q: do you think that the 3rd book of Bloodlines is better than the previous ones? btw I love them all
A: Indigo ties with Golden Lily as my fave. Indigo's definitely a lot hotter than anything else in the series

Q: who is your fave Character in the Golden Lilly series?
A: Aw, I can't pick favorites. :) But Sydney and Adrian are both fun to write.

Q: Do you have a hard time writing/ voicing out adrian on his first pov chapters?
A:  Yes, especially while alternating w/Sydney. I have to work to keep their voices distinct.

Q: Will Jill, Eddie, and Angeline still be involved in The Indigo Spell?
A: Yup, they're in there and have all sorts of wacky things going on.

Q: Will The Indigo Spell break my emotional state?
A: You'll be yearning for The Fiery Heart when you finish.

Q: How did Sonya keep her powers when Lee wasn't able to keep his after turning back from strigoi?
A: Spirit users get spirit back since they're blasted with it during restoration. Other elements stay gone.

Q: Should we expect any twists in The Indigo Spell? Because in Shadow kiss there was a huge twist!
A: The ending's big, I'll just say that.

Q: Is the reason why dhampirs don't have magic b/c Vampire magic and Human magic cancel each other out?
A: Great question! The conflict between human and Moroi magic is an issue that gets talked about a lot later on.

Q: When you were writing scenes w/ Brayden, did you imagine his voice somewhat similar to Sheldon Cooper. I did.
A: This might be my favorite question of the night.

Q: what's Adrian's favorite band?
A: Adrian buys a bunch of vintage records in The Fiery Heart, so hang in there a while to find the answer. :)
Q: is Adrian into rock music?
A: Classic rock.

Q: who would you consider the most complex character within the two series?
A:  So tough. It might actually be Adrian, but I need to think a lot more.

Q: What is Adrian's middle name?
A:  That's going to be revealed in the future...

Q: Where did you get the idea to create Adrian? And who knew he'd get from the beginning?
A: I needed another romantic distraction for Rose that was very different from Dimitri. And Adrian was born!

Q: Is Nathan Ivashkov still going to be in the series?
A: Yeah, we'll see him later.

Q: What gave you the idea for Vampire Academy? And is it hard to make witty lines for Adrian?
A: Adrian's dialogue actually comes very easily! He's one of my faves to write.

Q: Will we see more of Sydney's body image issues later in the series?
A: A little. She's working on body issues, so when we see them, she's improving.

Q: Will we be seeing more of Sydney's parents?
A: Sydney's dad is in book 3 and 4

Q: im confused,is Sydney pretty or just ok?Adrian thinks shes beautiful but he could just be seeing her though love
A:  She looks very much like the girl on the American covers. So, if she's pretty to you (I think so), there you go.

Q: Are we going to see Sydney’s job in Palm Springs end soon? Like, by book four?
A: I can't give away future secrets! :)

Q: Do we see sydneys mum again?
R: We'll hear from her a little later in the series.

Q: Do you think Sydney would leave to be an alchemist, even though that would leave it all behind?
A: We'll have to watch her inner struggles as the series goes on!

Q: Apart from Sydrian, is anyone else experiencing hot romance?
A: I never confirmed it was them... :) But yes, there's a couple romances in Indigo

Q:  what is the difference between Adrian's love for Rose and his love for Sydney?
A: Takes a long answer! Short one: he wants to be better both for himself & Sydney. W/Rose it was to impress her

Q: Heard Indigo Spell is filled with HAWT scenes. Do you plan on topping it in Fiery Heart?
A: Fiery Heart might spontaneously ignite b/c it's so hot. :)

Q: will we actually get to see S & A as a COUPLE? Like,... OFFICIALLY?
A:  I never give away things that might or might not happen! :)

Q: do you know what characters are going to end up with eachother when you start writing?
A:  Yes, I usually have all the romances planned out.

Q: How will you describe adrian and sydney relationship?
A: Complicated.

Q: Not sure we readers were prepared for the awesomeness that is SYDRIAN. Are the rest of the characters prepared?
A: lol No, probably not.

Q: Out of all characters why did you choose Jill and Eddie why not Mia and Eddie?
A: I like the idea of a "knight" serving his lady. Of course, those two have a lot of issues too.

Q: Will eddie and Jill be ever together ?
A: You have to keep reading!

Q: Did you always have plans for Adrian and Sydney to be together?
A: Back in the VA series, each thinks the other is cute.

Q: Do we get to see any Rose/Dimka romance?
A: They pop up again in the Bloodlines series.


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your site just yesterday. Really really awesome. I didn`t even know about the lost Adrian Chapter.

    1. Thank you! That makes me happy.
      Adrian's lost chapter gave us a peek inside his head and maybe prepare us for The Fiery Heart! :D