Saturday, October 20, 2012

Penguin Teen Australia reads The Indigo Spell

Penguin Teen Australia

As I mentioned in the previous post, Penguin Teen Australia planned on giving us their reactions to reading an early copy of The Indigo Spell. They posted them this past Wednesday and Thursday on Twitter. I managed to be online during some of the live tweeting on Thursday, and even though I had NO CLUE what exactly was happening in the book with each non-spoiler tweet, PTA was still able to give us Bloodlines fans enough to send us flailing like crazy.

Things like 'And if it's possible Adrian just got sexier pg 119' and 'AHGHHH the Sydrian feels make us want to explode pg 222' and 'Visual teaser: Adrian on a picnic blanket pg 281' and 'Sydrian fans will freak out, actual on the floor freak outs pg 346' REALLY got us going. Everyone was pretty much freaking the heck out! It was AWESOME.

When PTA finished the book, it was bittersweet. I wanted them to keep going and going! But sadly, books gotta end somewhere. Here was their very last reaction tweet: 'OH. EM. GEE. The....with the...and then the ... pg 413 That's THE END!' What could have happened?! Richelle Mead has said before that The Indigo Spell's ending will be big and shocking and surprising. Whether it's good or bad...well, we won't know until we read the book ourselves. I did ask PTA, though, if the ending will cause a bigger reaction out of fans more so than Golden Lily's ending, and this is what their response: 'we can't say with out influencing either way. It's just all epic!' Reading through their tweets I'm sure we will all need to prepare ourselves for the epicness that will be The Indigo Spell! Cannot wait!

Did you miss the live tweeting? No problem! You can still find the tweets on their Twitter OR you can read the tweets all complied nicely into one post on their blog. WARNING: It will make you want the book even more! But in the meantime, at least we have The Golden Lily Sydrian scenes and The Indigo Spell teaser trailers to look forward to from Bloodlines Books this year. Very very excited for those!

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