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Richelle Mead drops hints about The Indigo Spell

If you haven't heard the amazing news, Penguin Teen Australia has received an unedited version of The Indigo Spell today, and they will be tweeting their reactions through @PenguinTeenAus! Isn't that exciting?! Don't worry, there will be no spoilers! They did the same thing earlier this year with The Golden Lily, which you can see on their blog.

Since those tweets will probably be coming real soon and we'll probably have no idea what they're talking about, I thought it would be great to post a compilation featuring Indigo Spell-related tweets and posts from Richelle Mead and fans over the past 7 months. I'm sure I missed some updates, but I tried to include whatever I could find. Basically, if you've wondered what could possibly happen in The Indigo Spell, you might have a better idea after reading the following and you'll also get a peek into Richelle Mead's writing process for the book!

March 10: “Working on good stuff in Bloodlines #3 today. I’m not going to say that Adrian gets in a fight, exactly, but he gets pretty pissed off.” (source)

March 27: “From the outline for Bloodlines #3: 'Sydney is frustrated by their shenanigans.' #goodtimes #longsufferingsydney” (source)

April 9: "Enough dessert dreaming. It's time to get Bloodlines #3 past the it doesn't suck stage and up to crazy enough to work." (source)

April 16: “But hey, I’m on my way home! Yay! Weird thing? There’s a scene very similar to my airport run in Bloodlines3. My life imitating my art.” (source)

April 17: “This manuscript needs a big dose of chemistry. And I don’t mean in the alchemy sense. #bloodlines3” (source)

April 18: "I'm not sure if what I just wrote was a cheap plot device or the best thing ever. #fineline #bloodlines3" (source)

April 19: “Looking at potential cover models for Bloodlines 3. Do I feel creepy looking at pics of hot guys half my age? Yes. Yes, I do.” (source)

April 30: "I think I'm too close to this manuscript. It might be time to come up for air. #bloodlines3" (source)

June 19: "@RichelleMead says she knows readers will be surprise with the ending of The Indigo Spell but won’t say if bad or good shock" — A fan who went to a signing (source)

June 24: "Make no mistake: revisions are not fun. Writing notes like "Cut rebellious scene at Pies and Stuff" makes them more bearable, however." (source)

June 25: "Richelle also said that we’ll be seeing Christian, possibly in the Indigo Spell!" — A fan who went to a signing (source)

July 1:
"In non house news: for those asking why books take so long, #IndigoSpell is currently in pieces. Totally unreadable. Needs a few more months" (source)

"Then once it's been proofed at the end of the year, we need a few months to print, ship, and--believe it or not--convince stores to carry it" (source)

July 2: "Enough grumbling for one day. Time to get back to work. Important scene ahead, with Adrian & Sydney eating at Pies and Stuff :) #IndigoSpell" (source)

July 3: 'Adrian’s face was the picture of perfect politeness and restraint, meaning something disastrous was probably about to happen.' — Quote from the book (source)

July 5:
"If I'd known how big a role Sydney's teacher would play, I never would have given her Terwilliger as a last name. That's a lot of letters" (source)

"Lots of suggestions to abbreviate Ms. Terwilliger's name, but Sydney doesn't do that kind of thing, and she's our narrator." (source)

"When writing 1st person, it's important to use the character's voice. That's why Syd also uses big words and doesn't swear. #writingtip" (source)

"You can still make a story funny, even with a proper narrator, with wacky characters who play off that seriousness. #Adrian #Angeline" (source)

"And now I have to get back to work and implement my own advice b/c Angeline is throwing things and Adrian wants to go out for fondue." (source)

July 6:
"There isn’t really a lot I can say about them [Sydrian] at this point, but I can tell you a restaurant called Pies and Stuff plays a big role in their relationship in The Indigo Spell. This book has a pretty big ending, and I think people will be surprised at what I do."

"A huge part of book three, The Indigo Spell, is about Sydney really and truly questioning the organization that raised her. We’ll see Sydney in some open acts of rebellion, but as for what the consequences of those are…well, that remains to be seen."

"We’re going to learn more about the mysterious Marcus Finch, and Sydney’s involvement with magic is really going to get amped up. And of course, there’ll be Adrian. Lots of Adrian."

"The Indigo Spell starts in early December, a few weeks after the previous book ends."

— Richelle Mead interviewed by Entertainment Weekly (source)

July 12: "I’m really not trying to torture you guys, but I think I’ve just made The Indigo Spell 50% hotter. Thought you should know." (source)

July 16: "Sometimes I think writing Sydney & Adrian must be what it was like writing Maddie & Dave on Moonlighting. #holla1980s" (source)

July 17: 'We need to get inside. I think my hair gel’s frozen.' — Adrian quote from the book (source)

July 18:
Fan: That awkward moment when you can't sleep at night because you're wondering what happens between Sydrian at Pies and Stuff." (source)
Richelle Mead: Pies & Stuff is a hotter place than you might think, that's all I'll say. :) (source)

July 19: "Sometimes I think the most unrealistic & supernatural part of the Bloodlines series is how articulate and well-spelled everyone's texts are." (source)

July 23: "This page is taking forever to write, but you guys are going to thank me later. #IndigoSpell #Hawt" (source)

July 24: "Realized these Indigo revisions need an extra chapter, which is going to put serious pressure on my deadline. I'm too old for all-nighters." (source)

July 26:
"Finished my emergency revisions & am finally happy w/Indigo Spell. Still got line edits, copyedits, and proofing, but the worst is over #yay" (source)

"Somehow, this book is one of the hottest yet wackiest YAs I've written. Still lots of dark and action-y moments too. Good times. #indigo" (source)

August 6: "Flight's overbooked & I'm waiting for a seat assignment. Fun fact: this happens to Sydney in The Indigo Spell. She gets bumped to 1st class." (source)

August 13:
'Under normal circumstances, you inviting me to the bedroom would be the highlight of my day.'

'We need to get inside. I think my hair gel’s frozen.'

'it’s Kahlua, Sage. Packed with sugar and coffee flavor.'

'Who knows more about male weakness: you or me? Use my knowledge, Sage.'

'Do you want me to call you Celery Stick instead of Cupcake or Honey-Pie? It just doesn’t inspire the same warm and fuzzy feelings.'

— Adrian quotes from the book (source)

August 23: "I'm going through Indigo Spell copy edits and am a little surprised at how often skee ball is brought up." (source)

September 2: "Sorry, guys. This is for another project. It's nothing for VA or Bloodlines. Though, oddly enough, there is dancing in Indigo Spell. " (source)

September 11: "I got my books signed and Richelle told me 'there's going to be a lot of making out in The Indigo Spell'!!!!! Cant wait!!" — A fan who went to a signing (source)

September 16:
Richelle Mead: We need to have an intervention with people who aren't reading Bloodlines yet. Do you realize it's 50% Adrian wit and hotness? (source)
Richelle Mead: And that the series will probably surpass the VA series in making out? You guys. How can we not be okay with this? (source)
Fan: On a scale of 1-10 how much better are the make out scenes then VA (source)
Richelle Mead: I'd give VA a 7.5 and Bloodlines a 9. (source)
Richelle Mead: I should add on that last 1-10 scale tweet, they're not better, exactly. There's just more of them overall. Rose & Dimitri are still hawt! (source)

September 21: "To answer Qs: Indigo is finished & doing all the things books must do to be pubished. Much more than just hitting "send" on my computer." (source)

October 2:
“Printing Indigo Spell proofs just made my printer explode, and it didn’t even get to any of the hot parts yet. It was like page 3” (source)

"Here's how it mangled page 1. " (source)

That's the end of the compilation! Don't forget chapter 1 of The Indigo Spell is already out and can be read HERE. It might ease the pain of waiting...or not. Only four more months left though! We can do this!

I hope reading this post got you even more excited for The Indigo Spell and maybe helped with your predictions. I had fun finding all these, and I seriously can't wait for all the HAWT scenes! I'm sure I'm not the only one, right? ;)

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