Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Sydrian Challenge

Or what's known as the Bloodlines Facebook Challenge. It all began in August when the Bloodlines page on Facebook started dropping hints about a secret project. Like this status posted on August 24:
"For those fans who are DESPERATE for more Indigo Spell and Sydney/Adrian action (really, who isn't?!); hold tight. In the coming weeks we've got some big announcements that we think you'll enjoy. ;)"
Desperate? No, DYING. haha There's no question I'm a hardcore Bloodlines and Sydrian fan, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this post. And I kept wondering what the huge announcement could be. I knew it was going to be something good, but I really had no idea. Then a couple of days later Team Bloodlines posted this:

Right then and there, I knew! They were going to film those scenes! Or something like that. They've made book teaser trailers for both Bloodlines and The Golden Lily (which can be seen on their YouTube), so I knew they would be able to do it. It just made sense!

The next day or so, and although Team Bloodlines didn't officially state what they were up to (sneaky sneaky), I think it became pretty clear after they posted these teaser pictures:

My reaction to seeing these picture went sort of like this: "You know who that girl is, right?! It's Daisy Masterman! The one who has played Sydney in all the teaser trailers! And there's a mystery guy with a blurry face who has to be playing Adrian! OMG!!" Yeah, I was beyond excited. I could not wait to see mystery guy's face. I could not wait to find out exactly what was going to happen. I needed to know everything!

And then... August 31 arrived. It was easily the best day for Bloodlines fans, at least for me, since reading the awesomeness that was The Golden Lily. Team Bloodlines finally revealed their big announcement, and it was EPIC! The gist of it was once the page reached 40,000 likes, they were going to film one of four Sydney/Adrian scenes from The Golden Lily! Of course I was freaking out because holy crap! It was obvious they were going to film something, but to have it officially confirmed? YES. It's a dream freaking come true. Not only that they had videos ready with the actors announcing all the details!

That first video was just... AHHH! I wanted to hug everyone and cry tears of joy because that video was funny and adorable and full of SYDRIAN. We also found out the identity of the mystery guy playing Adrian... Nic Wheeler! Before I watched the videos, I wondered if he would be able to keep up with Daisy who has played Sydney since last year and knows the characters a lot more. But I guess that's why I'm no expert on acting. I really had nothing to worry about because he and Daisy both portrayed the characters and their chemistry perfectly! They were Adrian and Sydney! I felt like I watched those videos nonstop on that day. I couldn't get enough!

Throughout September the team and fans spent time spreading the word about the challenge. Fast forward to the end of September, and the Bloodlines team announced something cool via Twitter.
“Ever wanted to go shopping with Sydney Sage? Well stay with us as we going searching for THAT red dress with Daisy.”
Seeing the pictures of Daisy trying on red dresses got me excited about the whole thing all over again! There were some very err...passionate reactions from fans, so Team Bloodlines had them vote on their favorite dress out of the three shown in the picture to above. I personally loved the middle dress. The first one ended up owning it though, which was fine because Daisy looked beautiful!

October arrived and the Bloodlines page was close to 35,000 likes. I remember the page had around 31,400 likes when I first saw the announcement back in August. We were almost halfway to the goal of 40k likes, and it was probably going to take more than another month to reach it. It sounds discouraging, but I thought we did good for a month. I actually was feeling pumped about it. However, the Bloodlines team soon made a special announcement where they basically said that the goal of 40k was changed to 35k because they were too excited to wait any longer! I'm pretty sure everyone rejoiced.

After what felt like forever (was probably only a day), the Bloodlines page reached 35,000 likes! Hooray! They put up four pictures, each representing the scenes. The Blackout, The Pool, The Escape, and The Kiss. The one that received the most likes would be the scene they filmed, and I think it's no surprise that THE KISS won. HECK YEAH! I do feel sad that after all the time spent finding the red dress we won't be seeing Sydney wearing it. But...maybe Team Bloodlines has something up their sleeve? Wishful thinking?

That photo on the left is the storyboard Team Bloodlines will be using to visualize the scene. Well, there's nothing there. I'm sure they have something now. I would draw Sydney/Adrian making out in every single panel. That would have been my own artistic interpretation of that scene (I'm sure Adrian would understand and wouldn't mind), but I guess it's best to save it all that for The Indigo Spell.

Anyway, the scene will be filmed in Melbourne on Friday, October 12! After patiently waiting for more than a month, it's now less than a week away! Squeee! I'm so ready for this I could cry. By the way, here's another piece of news: If you live in Melbourne or can get to Melbourne by 5PM on Friday, you have a chance to meet Daisy and Nic! How awesome is that? Penguin Teen Australia has all the details here. I wish I could go, but sadly, I don't even live in the same hemisphere as Australia. You lucky Aussies, you.

If you've read every single word in this post so far, I'm impressed. Phew! Honestly, I'm relieved that I'm done too, so I'll end this quick. THANK YOU TEAM BLOODLINES AND DAISY AND NIC AND RICHELLE MEAD AND AUSTRALIA! I can't wait to see the scene come to life!

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