Friday, February 1, 2013

Richelle Mead's January 31 Twitter Chat

On January 17, Richelle Mead had a Twitter chat for 30 minutes via #readpenguin where she answered questions tweeted to her by fans. The focus was on world-building. The entire chat can be found here.

Last week on January 24, she had another Twitter chat with the theme being romance! You can read the transcript here or if you only want to read the ones relating to Bloodlines and Sydney/Adrian, I have those all here.

Yesterday, Richelle Mead had her final Twitter chat! The theme was Bloodlines. Read the transcript here. Not all questions had to be about Bloodlines though, so here are the compiled questions and answers about Bloodlines from the chat:

Q: Who restored Lee?
A: That's an answer no one in the series knows yet.

Q: Do you think this series will surpass Vampire Academy?
A: I think it will be just as powerful but in a different way since it's a different love story. BIG things are coming

Q: Have you created any characters that were meant to be minor but turned out to be really important to the plot?
A: Yes--Abe and Malachi Wolfe took on lives of their own!

Q: What inspired you to start Bloodlines?
A: I knew I'd want to continue the Moroi world but would need a break from Rose, so I created Jill & Sydney in VA.

Q: Who's your favorite bloodlines character, and why?
A: Sydney and Adrian tie because they're my two leads.

Q: Will there be more Eddie because I just love him.
A: Eddie is in all the Bloodlines books and does some super badass things in #4, The Fiery Heart.

Q: Would you ever consider doing a book 3.5 to tell a back story to a side character that is in the Bloodlines series?
A: After Bloodlines, I'll probably do another spin-off series, so yes, it's very possible!

Q: Would you want Bloodlines to become a movie one day?
A: Yes, it'd be great to see Adrian and Sydney come to life! :)

Q: Do you know at the moment how many pages The Fiery Heart will have?
A: It's probably going to be very close to Indigo in length, but I don't know the pages offhand.

Q: Will I have to read through my tears like I did with the last scene of The Golden Lily?
A: Indigo will make you say "MUST READ THE NEXT BOOK NOW!" Fiery Heart will make you say: "DAMN YOU, RICHELLE!"

Q: Will we see Malachi Wolf again in any future books?
A: Oh, yes. He even has his own Twitter account @MalachiWofle

Q: Being shadow-kissed seemed to have had a huge toll on Rose. What about Jill?
A: Yes, but the bond is still new for her. Rose's got worse over time.

Q: Are we gonna read more about Lissa and Jill relationship?? I would love to see them as friends and real sisters.
A: We'll see them communicate more near the end of the Bloodlines series.

Q: Will we see more of Janine and Tasha in the series?
A: Janine for sure.

Q: What significance do the morning glories on the TIS cover have? You mentioned they had meaning. Or is the answer spoilery?
A: They have a small reference in TIS. You'll see when you read it.

Q: When is Fiery Heart out? Need it now!
A: Fall 2013, no official date yet.

Q: Did you ever write a scene that had you laughing out loud? If so, which scene?
A: Anything w/Malachi Wolfe.

Q: Will Jill ever be in danger? I keep waiting for her to be attacked, lol.
A: Heh, good point. Everyone else seems to be in a lot more danger than her, the alleged target! :)

Q: Why and how was Angeline approved to protect Jill in PS? What did her parents say?
A: The Alchemists recruited her, and her parents didn't mind. She wouldn't have listened anyway if they did.

Q:Who is your favorite character to write in VA or Bloodlines?
A: Rose, Adrian, and Sydney are the most fun, but I love side guys like Abe and Malachi too.

Q: Did you pick Daisy and Nic to do the videos for The Golden Lily and The Indigo Spell
A: The folks at @PenguinTeenAus picked and cast them and did a good job.

Q: Will Angeline being getting into any more problems?Will she be semi- Rose? She going to grow in Rose kind of way?
A: Problems seem to follow Angeline around!

Q: Will there ever be a way to cure spirit darkness?
A: Adrian experiments with some ways in The Fiery Heart.

Q: Wouldn't Adrian make a great bartender as a side job? He'd just read your aura and tell you what you wanna hear!
A: He certainly has enough experience!

Q: Will there be an Adrian/Christian/Eddie bromance in Bloodlines (please?)
A: There's probably fan fic about that somewhere...

Q: Adrian has used the his ability to enter the dreams to seduce a girl? Did it work?
A: He uses it to flirt, but he does his seduction in real life.

Q: Why doesn't Adrian visit his mother by a spirit dream?
A: He tries, but she asks him not to.

Q: Did you ever consider another love interest for Adrian when planning Bloodlines?
A: I had a pretty solid idea how Bloodlines was going to work out.

Q: How would you chose to spend a day with? Dimitri, Adrian, or Christan?
A: Adrian seems like he'd know where we could get a good martini.

Q: Will we see Adrian go back to his party boy self in#TheIndigoSpell?
A: You're going to see all sorts of different sides him there and in Fiery Heart. It's gonna be intense.

Q: Can we know who's POV the uber dramatic/powerful scene you mentioned like a week ago was in?
A: Haha, good memory. It's Adrian's. :)

Q: What's been the most difficult thing about writing in Adrian's pov in TFH?
A: Making his chapters distinct from Sydney's. If I'm not careful, their voices sound alike.

Q: Can the fans keep their fingers crossed about a Rose & Adrian reconciliation talk?
A: A romantic reconciliation or a friendly one? I wouldn't count on the former.

Q: Do you think Adrian will ever forgive and just be friends with Rose again?
R: Yes, especially since he has other romantic interests now. :)

Q: Why did you pick the names, Rose, Vasilisa, and Sydney?
A: Vasilisa is one used by heroines in many Russian stories. Rose and Sydney just felt right for the characters

Q: Do you picture Sydney as looking more like Daisy from the trailers or the girl from the American covers?
A: More from US cover since I saw her first, but some shots of Daisy are spot-on too.

Q: In bloodlines, why did sage hang out with the vampires? She didn't like me, so why would she hang with them?
A: She started too because it was her job, but over time, she began to like them and be friends. :)

Q: I love your books! What is Sydney's Mom's first name?
A: Deborah.

Q: What made you want write the BLOODLINE series in Sydney's Point Of View?
A: I thought it'd be neat to have a human tell the story, esp one so different from Rose.

Q: Will Sydney ever get past her prejudices against the vampires?
A: Keep reading!

Q: Rumor has it that Marcus is Sydney's brother! Is that a possibilty?
A: Keep reading!

Q: Is Sydney ever goint to mention the truth about Keith's eye to Adrian?
A: She hasn't yet, but she would talk about it if it came up.

Q: Will Sydney still the apart of the main group lives even when Jill comes out of hiding?
A: A lot of it would depend on what the Alchemists say.

Q: Will Sydney be going to prom? If so, with anyone specific?
A: Hmm, that's a long ways away! :) Indigo takes place in December, Fiery Heart in Jan. When's prom? May?

Q: Will there be more suprises with Sydneys blood? I am curious since they could not stand her blood.
A: We'll learn about that in The Fiery Heart.

Q: Out of all ur series, who was the lady that was the most challenging to write?
A: Switching from Rose to Sydney was hard at first b/c it was different, though Sydney's actually great to write

Q: Will we get to see Sonya's wedding??
A: There is a wedding in Indigo Spell. I won't say whose... but, can guess.

Q: Who are the bridesmaids?
A: Wait and see! :)

Q: Will Trey be getting some love?
A: Yes. Oh, yes. Just wait until The Indigo Spell. :)

Q: Alchemist/Moroi romance seems like the ultimate forbidden relationship. Has there been AM couples in the past?
A: If so, it's a secret. :) We know Moroi/humans were together centuries ago, though.

Q: I've read all of your series and the 3rd books always rocked my world. What to expect in TIS?
A: There's a lot of romance, so if you're into that, you will LOVE it.

Q: Can you give any spoilers about The Indigo Spell?
A: It's hot hot hot.

Q: Please, tell me that Sydney and Adrian will be finally together! I love them.
A: Keep reading! :)

Q: Will we be seeing tension of sorts between Jill, Eddie and Angeline?
A: lol Yes, those crazy kids have all sorts of shenanigans going on in Indigo Spell!

Q: Does Jill know exactly how Adrian feels about Sydney? Or does she only get glimpses through the bond
A: Jill knows. It's too strong a thing for him to hide yet.

Q: What made you decide to move Sydney and Adrian's relationship towards a romantic one? I love them together!
A: I love seemingly opposite people getting together, especially when they actually have things in common they don't know.

Q: Would you ever marry off Adrian and Sydney? Wouldn't that just be crazy if it was arranged or something like that?
A: The Keepers would probably have to arrange it!

Q: How did you go from Lee to Adrian as Sydney's love interest?
A: The Adrian/Sydney thing was planned from day 1 of the series. Lee was just going to be a short thing.


  1. Great chat! And she definitely got to answer a lot of questions. Thanks for transcripting :)
    I hope Adrian finds a way to cure the dark effects of spirit!
    And now I'll go back to waiting anxiously for The Indigo Spell..

    1. Hope Adrian does too. And maybe Sydney can help! :)

  2. do u think any awkwardness will become between sydney and jill

  3. do u think sydney will have to tell angeline and eddie about hers and adrians relationship