Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Fiery Heart

Bookish has now revealed the cover of The Fiery Heart, book 4 in the Bloodlines series, by Richelle Mead!

From Bookish: The "Bloodlines" series centers around Sydney, an Alchemist whose most important job is to keep vampires a secret from the rest of the world. Without giving away spoilers, we can tell you that the book centers on Sydney dealing with the consequences of the life-altering choice she makes in "The Indigo Spell." Plus, readers can expect threats from folks who misuse magic, Vampire Hunters and Strigoi (a.k.a vampire baddies).

Did you know the synopsis is already out too? Read it HERE! So, what do you all think of the fiery cover? I love the colors and the flowers! Sydney is definitely looking tough there. Adrian looks like he had a haircut and looks a bit older than I imagined. But ah! I'm so glad they're on the cover together since the book will be from their POVs. Cannot wait to read this book!


  1. Hoorah for the cover reveal! :D
    But I have to admit, Mr. Ivashkov does look less hot on the cover here... Oh well! I never used the cover images anyways. I prefer my imagination. :)

  2. Pozdrowienia z Polski! ;3
    [ Greeting from Poland! ]