Saturday, February 2, 2013

Audio Editions of Books 1 - 3

Okay, so I had to show off the cover art of the audio editions! You can see more of Adrian's face (*stares* hehe) on The Indigo Spell and a little on Bloodlines and more of Sydney's face on The Golden Lily. I've included links to Amazon for each book, and you can actually hear samples from Bloodlines and The Indigo Spell. Not sure why The Golden Lily doesn't provide a sample.

If you're wondering, no, The Indigo Spell does not go all the way to chapter three. I was really REALLY hoping it would! haha But, it's only a sample of some of chapter one. I don't even think it got to the Adrian part. *sigh* Just 10 more days...

Amazon (with sample) Amazon (no sample)

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